Sunday, 2 May 2010

Primrose Peanut Butter & Chocolate cupcakes

I'm currently in the midst of moving house and like anybody else i absolutely despise packing. As an excuse to get out of it for an hour or two, i decided to use up some ingredients by baking Primrose's Peanut Butter & Chocolate cupcakes.

Peanut Butter is my absolute favourite and these cupcakes were pretty tasty, although not as peanuty as Hummingbirds cookies I baked last month. The sponge was a tad on the dry side too, but i'm guessing that's a result of the salty peanut butter.

I didn't follow the suggested milk chocolate topping, firstly because I didn't have any cream and secondly I wanted to use up my remaining cocoa powder instead of trundling down to the shops for more green & blacks. This worked nicely, so don't feel the need to buy up loads of extra ingredients if you don't already have them in your storecupboard.

Overall i'd give the peanut butter sponge a 7/10, but i'd like to come back to this recipe with the correct frosting at a later date.

As always, Happy Baking xxx


  1. These look gorgeous, as always. Surprised they were dry though, you'd have thought the peanut butter would have made for a moist consistency - humm. I've finally made some cupcakes from Primrose - I was very pleased with them. I've also made the chocolate layer cake, but haven't posted about it yet. Hope the move went / is going well.

  2. Oh Sian. I miss your baking creations pics! x

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