Friday, 27 November 2009

Vanilla layer cake for the inlaws

Ok so this is slightly off topic, but i had to post about how amazing Primrose's vanilla layer cake is...can they do no wrong??

I had to do an emergency bake as i've been away all week and hubby's parents are visiting this weekend. Despite my rickety electric-hand whisk braking half way through, the recipe the sponge turned about amazingly light and moist.

Other victoria sponge recipes i've tried in the past have been disappointing, but i think the addition of cornflour and baking powder made the cake a winner.

I'd recommend trying this recipe in an emergency situation as you will certainly have all the ingredients in your store cupboard.

Happy baking! x


  1. Wow, that looks so pretty. I finally got my primrose book in the post and it's made good bedtime reading. Haven't yet had a chance to make anything from it - haven't really had a chance to make anything much recently - apart from bread.

  2. Thanks very much! Its definately worth the money, i've just made their chocolate & peppermint cupcakes which are brilliant! Their chocolate sponge is the best i've tried so far.