Monday, 9 November 2009

Primrose Carrot Cupcakes with Orange cream cheese frosting

Wow! who'd have thought the humble carrot could be transformed into such amazing cupcakes? Carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing almost sounds like something you'd choose if you were (unsuccessfully) dieting and I had been reluctant to attempt Primrose's carrot cupcakes, but these little guys have turned into my favourite recipe to date.

The sponge was moist, which i'm sure was down to the use of corn oil and of course the carrots! I also loved the use of raisins, orange zest and cinnamon. The recipe called for the sponge to be baked at 180c for 25 minutes, but i went for 170c as mine is a temperamental fan oven. I have absolutely no criticism of this recipe i followed it to the letter and it worked, just make sure you amend timings for your own oven, speaking of which i really must buy an oven thermometer...

Now i really wasn't sure about cream cheese icing, yes i know carrot cake is always made with cream cheese frosting, but i was a tad worried it would turn out um, too cheesy. Again, i was pleasantly suprised and the grated orange zest gave a delicate citrus taste which complimented the sponge perfectly. However, if i were to do the recipe again i would use around 50g more icing sugar as the buttercream was slightly too soft for my preference.

Overall i'd give these cupcakes 9/10, it's a good job they destined for hubby's work or i'd have scoffed the lot already!

Happy Baking xx


  1. Have just ordered the book and really looking forward to getting it. Yours certainly look gorgious. Also looking forward to hearing, ultimately, which is the perfect cupcake!

  2. Thanks very much! the Primrose book seems to be the best so far. Happy Baking x

  3. I was eyeing up that recipe the other day, I'm so glad you posted this! The book is beautiful, and the lemon cupcakes are fabulous, my customers loved them so much the profits paid for the book!

  4. yes, the primrose bakery book is fab! However, i have lent it to my friend, and want to make some cupcakes. Since i dont have the book on me, i am un able to make cupcakes. So i thought they mightt have a website, with all the recipes on :) But they dont, What a shame! :(

  5. Could you post the recipe please?