Thursday, 1 April 2010

Green and Blacks lemon drizzle cake

It may not look too pretty, but it was delicious!

Ok so I know this isn't a cupcake post, but its definately worth a mention! After twittering about what I should make over the Easter holiday, my friend Daisy suggested I make the Green & Blacks lemon drizzle cake with sunken dark chococlate. Hubby was reluctant as he wanted, quote 'a proper cake' but I ignored his pleas for yet another victoria sponge and persevered and it was AMAZING!

It's definately the best lemon drizzle cake I have ever made and the dark chocolate (I used G&B's cooks choc) went beautifully with the lemon. Orignally I was baking this to take home for Easter weekend for my family and friends to enjoy, but I have to confess that hubby and I ate most of it whilst it was still warm, so tomorrow I shall make another.

I followed the G&B recipe to the letter, aside from using caster sugar for the topping instead of golden granulated sugar. Daisy's other suggestion, which I shall definately try another time, was to slice the cake in half and add a lemon zest cream cheese filling...yummers!

Happy Easter Baking xxx


  1. It looks delicious! I've often thought about making this cake but I never have. I'll have to make it now I've seen yours :-)

  2. This looks great - I will surely have to try it.