Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Mission: To find the perfect cupcake

How to find the perfect cupcake?

There's a plethora of cupcake recipe books out there, i should know as i have most of them! But over the past year, i've been stuck in something of a cupcake rut, returning to the same trusty chocolate and vanilla sponges every time.

I need a new challenge, so every week, i will be baking my way through the books of all the famous cupcakeries such as Hummingbird, Magnolia and Primrose in search of the perfect recipe.

I also want to find out if the recipes translate in reality, i've been stung by Nigella one too many times and sometimes swear that recipes are deliberately altered. I'll be adding my own amendments and recommendations, which will hopefully act as a useful guide.

The final results will be rated by myself and willing guinea pigs (namely hubby, friends and family) but i would also love to hear how you've found the recipes featured. The top 10 will appear in the cupcake league table.

I deliberately haven't included the ingredients and recipe for the cupcakes as i'm sure this would infringe on copyright laws!

I would love to hear your opinions and you can also follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/BakingHousewife

Baking Housewife xxx

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